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    Yes.. it's true.. it's Akuma (well.. Gouki) in X-Men:COTA... and, if you don't believe me, we have proof! Look at the pics below and BEHOLD! (no, i'm not Cyclops). 

PS.: Thanks to my dumbness, this page is best viewed in 1024x768 (damn you huge pics)... if you're anywhere lower than that, you'll have to do some horizontal scrooling (I didn't want to doctor the pics, and i forgot to resize FinalBurn's Window). Also, the pics are in .JPG for best compression (and because i saved them like that). Still, this is a pretty "big" page, and may take a while to load.

Ah.. yes.. IceMan... the first match.. and why I don't have a portait?

He didn't die... but he will soon..

Hmm.. this ones flies... it'll be harder

But that's ok... double aerial hadoukens kix j00r a55!

First match wasn't that difficult after all.. But I still don't have a portait.

And there goes the second round. Super Finish!

    Well.. yes, this is all very funny, but how the hell do we get Akuma (Gouki.. whatever)? It's not very difficult...

 Play as Akuma
    In the character select screen, go to Spiral in the lower-right corner and wait for two seconds. Then move back to the left until you reach Iceman. Next, move one space to the right, one up, two right, and one down. You should arrive on Silver Samurai. Wait two seconds and then press Fierce Punch+Light Kick+Fierce Kick.


    For all you people that are using FinalBurn, the regular settings for High Punch, Low Kick and High Kick (D, Z and C) probably won't work (some keyboards don't allow these three keys to be pressed at the same time).. A nice way to fix that is map all the three keys to the same letter (for example, Q) and press Q at the end of the procedure, and after Akuma (or Gouki, as the purists would call him) is selected, just reconfigure your key layout. If you're using a GamePad, you'll probably won't have any problems.

  The only thing I don't know is how to make the Raging Daemon (or whatever you people call it.. you know.. Death Special.. runs-to-the-opponent-and-beats-the-crap-outta-him).. I don't even think it's possible to to be done.. but damn, it would be very cool to be able to see the weird-shaped jap character on the left, instead of that plain dull X when a special is performed, right? :D
  If you people know anything about it, just drop me a mail (the addy is on my signature, at the end of the page).


Thanks to:

CPS2Shock Team
- Need I say why?
Davye (FinalBurn) - For emulating this whole thing
Rips'R'us - For some images on that website (btw.. where are you, people?)
#rareroms Staff - Just cause you people are great (Thanks for the pic, [mrg]!)

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