Shinobi Copyright Screen

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In 1989, Sega released "The Revenge of Shinobi" for the Sega Genesis. However, one year later, Sega was forced to update the title with a Marvel copyright screen. One of the bosses was too similar to Spider-Man. However, it seems that there are some other similarities that didn't raise any red flags:

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Spiderman doing his kamikaze attack...

..but he stays invincible as he flashes.

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Here comes the web throw..

Ewww... sticky webs!

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After spidey gets hit 8 times.. who's this? Batman?

And it has some evil attacks..

batmankill.gif (16911 bytes)

But when it dies, it turns into a harmless red bat.

But then again.. sega never put all the copyright screens it should...

godzila.gif (11140 bytes)

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Oh my god... isn't that... Godzilla? This looks like Hulk...
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Nah... I think it's a T-800... ..NOW i'm sure.. :D


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